5 reasons (including personal) to get your locks rekeyed ASAP


Did you know that you don’t always have to get your locks changed in the event of a security threat or while moving into a new apartment? While most of us are quite aware about our home security apparatus, we don't always end up taking the most economical decision when it comes to our locks. There are two reasons behind this: lack of knowledge and misleading technicians. The former is excusable since we are not expected to have a deep understanding of locks and keys. But the onus for the latter is entirely on us. That's because due to a lack of research or desire to save money, we end up hiring sham locksmiths who tell us half-truths about our locks and keys and force us to opt for an expensive lock change when a simple locks rekeying could do the job.  Fremont Locksmith is a “tried & trusted” residential and commercial locksmith in Fremont, CAthat has been helping people with their lock and key troubles for multiple years. While most locksmiths will straightaway ask you to get a new set of locks, our experts will carefully assess the situation and give you the most economical solution. In most cases, you don't need a full-scale lock installation. Locksmiths can simply rekey the lock so that the existing key is rendered useless, thereby eliminating the chances of a security breach if there were any. Rekeying can be an ideal recourse for those who want to ensure maximum security without going through the hassle of getting the entire locking mechanism replaced or paying a hefty $300+ for the installation of new locks.

Getting locks rekeyed in Fremont, CA is not that difficult since most locksmiths offer these services at nominal prices. Fremont Locksmith offers quality locks rekeying services in Fremont, CA at pocket-friendly prices. All you need to do is call us on our 24x7 helpline 510-902-6368. But as a customer, it is important to understand when exactly you should or can get your locks rekeyed. Here are the most common non-personal and personal reasons to get your locks rekeyed in Fremont, CA.

Rented a new house or recently moved in

The no.1 reason to get your locks rekeyed is when you move into a new house or rent an apartment in the city. During the subletting process, a lot of people – agents, security officials, etc – have the keys to the house. Any of them can easily duplicate the keys if need be. Plus, you never know if the old owners would still have a copy of the existing keys. You can eliminate all these thoughts from your head by simply calling a residential locksmith in Fremont, CA and getting your locks rekeyed. 

Lost or misplaced a key

Did you recently drop a key and were unable to recover it? Can’t find the spare key in the house anymore? These are good reasons to get your locks replaced as urgently as possible. Basically, whenever you feel the key could find its way to someone you do not know or cannot trust, rekeying should be the general rule of thumb. It will hardly cost you $20-30 but give you lasting peace of mind – and no one can put a value on that.

Besides these, there are some personal reasons that also merit getting your locks rekeyed

Bitter separation: Did you recently call it quits with your partner? We understand that divorce or separation can be hard on everyone, but we must not put ourselves in a vulnerable position by allowing our ex-partners access to our property. One of the first things you should do is get your locks rekeyed, to keep them out of your life both physically as well as emotionally.

Fired an employee

Termination of employment is very personal and not everybody takes it in a stride. Vendetta can take over, forcing workers to take ill-fated decisions such as attempting to break into the office or vandalize the boss’ cabin. If you think that an employee has departed on bad terms, then get your office locks rekeyed immediately. Fremont Locksmith offers top-notch commercial locksmith services and can have any type of office locks rekeyed in Fremont, CA at competitive prices.

Roommate moves out

If your roommate has recently moved to a new apartment or is planning to do it in the near future, then you should consider going for a quick lock rekeying service. While people usually build a fair amount of trust with their roommates, you never know how many people they might have shared the keys with. Moreover, it is not okay to trust anybody blindly.

To have same keys for all doors

Sometimes, people who have separate entryways to the house prefer getting their locks rekeyed to the same key so that they don't have to go through the hassle of carrying separate keys for each door. Plus, it is always easier to have one type of key that can open all the doors so that you don’t have to keep track of different keys. Especially while handing them out to your spouse or partner.

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