Commercial Locksmith Services

Fremont Locksmith has been serving the security needs of business establishments for several years and has worked with clients across the board – from major industrial setups to local commercial establishments in and around Fremont, CA. We understand the diverse security needs of businesses and offer a plethora of commercial locksmith services that go beyond repairing locks and cutting keys. Over the years, we have catered to:

  • Fremont Locksmith Fremont, CA 510-501-5261Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Med-care centers
  • Parking spaces
  • Hotels
  • Colleges
  • Apartments
  • Eateries

Business locksmith needs are complex and challenging. It takes a master locksmith firm that has the right tools and state-of-the-art equipment to meet the demanding lock and key needs of commercial setup. Fremont Locksmith has been working closely with business establishments for over 10 years now and has a 100% success rate when it comes to resolving commercial locksmith issues, be it run-of-the-mill lock repairs to setting up high-security master key systems. Today, we are the most sought-after commercial locksmith firm in Fremont, CA and the first port of call for countless clients – both small and large! Just give us a call on 510-501-5261 and talk to us about your business locksmith needs.

Our major services include:

Lock Damage

Locks, like other things, are prone to damage caused by the vagaries of time and weather. Old, rusted and dilapidated locks are a security nightmare as they provide minimum protection against thieves and vandals. Such locks can also lead to commercial lockout situations, causing major embarrassment to property owners and loss of productivity. Our professional locksmiths are adept at fixing broken and damaged locks and restore their strength in no time. If the locks are too old or damaged, we can replace them with newer, sturdier ones.

Advanced lock systems

Are you sure that your locks are strong enough to hold their own against modern security threats? They may have served you well all these years, but modern security challenges demand advanced MLA-endorsed locking systems that can truly fortify your premises and keep external threats at a safe distance. Our professionals have deep knowledge of high-security locks and can set up advanced mechanisms at your property, be it restricted keyway systems, digital locks that cannot be breached or advanced locking systems.

Key-related services

A commercial establishment is full of restricted zones that can be operated by certain pairs of keys. If these keys get stolen or lost, the situation should be treated as a serious security breach. Fremont Locksmith understands the urgency of these situations and offers lightning-fast locks rekey service to prevent unwanted people from gaining access. We can also retrieve broken keys, develop duplicate keys and implement a foolproof master and sub-master key system.

Safe/ cabinet locks

Important files, hard drives and other such materials that contain sensitive information about the company are usually stored in file cabinets to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Fremont Locksmith can add an extra layer of security by strengthening your file cabinets with top-of-the-line cabinet locks.

Emergency exit locks

Organizations are required by law to have easy exits such as push bars and panic locks in case of emergency for the safety and security of both employees and clients. Not having proper emergency exits in place can also invite hefty fines from authorities. We ensure that your emergency exit locks stay sturdy as ever with period repair, replacement and maintenance services.

An overview of our services:

  • Fremont Locksmith Fremont, CA 510-501-5261Commercial lockout assistance
  • Standard key cutting services
  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Keypad lock installation
  • Locks rekey
  • Magnetic locks
  • High-security lock upgrades
  • Master and sub-master key systems
  • Broken lock fixes
  • Full-office lock replacement
  • Timely lock system updates and maintenance
  • Restricted keyways
  • File cabinet locks repair and installation
  • Push bar, panic lock installation and repair

Our wide network of locksmiths spread across Fremont, CA ensure that you don’t have to wait for hours for a capable locksmith to reach your location during emergencies. When it comes to your company’s security needs, Fremont Locksmith is the only name you can rely upon. Whether you need custom security solutions or expert guidance, call us anytime on 510-501-5261 and try our expert services today!