Tell-tale signs that you are due a lock change


Locks are the primary line of defense against thieves, intruders and all the other kinds of external threats out there. There are times when the locks stop functioning to their full capacity or are in danger of being breached by someone you do not trust. This is something you cannot ignore for too long. Fortunately, getting a lock change in Fremont, CA is not an uphill task anymore. With a host of commercial and residential locksmiths operating in the vicinity, you can easily contact any locksmith and get a lock change within the next few hours. Fremont Locksmith is one of the leading locksmiths operating in the city that offers top quality lock change services in Fremont, CA. With experts who can install all types of commercial and residential locks, we cater to a wide base of clients and offer highly affordable lock change services. All you need to do is call 510-902-6368 – our 24x7 helpline. But before getting in touch with us, it is important that you understand when you should opt for a lock change service in the first place.

Is lock change the only solution? Getting your locks changed is not an easy task. It takes both – a considerable amount of time as well as effort – to get a new security system installed at your home or office. Sometimes, the solution can be provided at a fraction of the cost. Most locksmiths encourage customers to get new locks even when their existing locks can simply be rekeyed. Getting your locks rekeyed simply means that you are changing the existing lock mechanism so that the old key will no longer open it. This means that you only need a new key instead of getting the whole lock changed. The experts at Fremont Locksmith never misguide clients into opting for lock change when a simple rekeying can do the job. However, there are times when changing the locks is the only option you are left with. Here are a few instances where you must change your door locks:

Moved into a new house

It is common for people to opt for a complete security upgrade whenever they move into a new house. Who knows how many duplicate keys might be in circulation? While getting your locks rekeyed is definitely a cheaper option, you can still consider changing the locks since it will help you upgrade a security system of your choice. From digital locks to sturdy deadbolts, Fremont Locksmith experts can assist you in picking out the right lock that fits your budget and security needs.

Lock damage

Locks, no matter how sturdy, are prone to wear and tear with time. Sometimes, locks can also get damaged early due to extensive use or heavy handling. A damaged lock is rather easy to pick or break off and does not provide adequate protection against external threats. While capable locksmiths can restore partially damaged locks, no one fixes a lock that is broken entirely. In such an event, it is only wise to get a new lock installed on your property.


No one wants to come back to a vandalized house. Alas, we live in a time when robberies are on the rise and anybody can fall victim to petty crimes such as home invasions. While the aftermath of a robbery is a highly stressful time for any house owner, it is also imperative to get the locks changed as quickly as possible to prevent similar events in the future. Residential locksmiths in Fremont, CA offer emergency lock replacement services to restore your protection as quickly as possible.

Fired an employee

Office security is rather extensive and complex. Employees are usually given access to various zones within the complex through a chip installed in their ID cards. Some offices also use biometrics and retina scans to authorize access. While the systems can be easily reprogrammed in most cases, there are some instances where one needs to consider a lock change. For instance, if the employee you have fired has the key to a particular room or a file cabinet. You never know if they might have duplicated it before getting fired. It’s safer to go for a quick lock change in such events to put your mind at ease.


Gone are the days when people were satisfied with a simple padlock or deadbolt. Modern times call for modern locking mechanisms if you want to stay several steps ahead of thieves and robbers. If you have not changed your door locks in many years or think that houses in your neighborhood have better security than yours, then it is time you consider upgrading your locks. From buzzer systems to smart locks, you can upgrade to a variety of sophisticated locking systems to boost your home security. Fremont Locksmith is a top-rated locksmith that can help your upgrade the locks at your home or office. From picking out the ideal lock for your needs to installing it at your premises, we offer end-to-end lock change services in Fremont, CA at affordable prices. Need a lock change? Call us now on 510-501-5261